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I'm interesting in getting a master's or PhD degree in Architecture History, what are my options?

I'm currently an architecture student pursuing a B.Arch but I'm interesting in eventually studying architecture history more specifically, are there any departments/programs that offer a master's of PhD in that specialization or would I have to go through a more general Art History program? What are some universities to consider? #architecture #history #graduate-school

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3 answers

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Dinesh’s Answer

Hi Emily,

  • There are multiple options after a Ph.D. in Architecture, you could choose the architecture profession and apply for teaching and research positions with various organizations and universities. Besides universities, some common employers include building research centers, consulting firms and architectural publications.

Dinesh recommends the following next steps:

Architectural consultant
University professor
Architectural researcher

Thanks Dinesh! Emily C.

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Thomas’s Answer


Salary as a teacher requires many years of study. For few open positions.

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Thomas’s Answer

Do you have a Bachelor of Architecture degree first.

Very few people have doctorates in Architecture. Some in Structural /civil Engineering. Can’t address Masters.

Having work experience first and foremost is a pathway to success. Practical experience on real life projects with real world users and clients will formulate your future philosophies.