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Which is better to choose between Computer engineering and IT engineering?

Asked Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Dipak’s Answer

Hi Deepali,

Being from Mumbai, I think I have little more context about IT vs computer engineering courses there. I did my computer science engineering from VJTI, Mumbai. During my time there, this what I found:

  1. Few courses (<6) would be different. Some of them are important but you can easily make up for them by doing online courses during vacation.
  2. Usually computer science has higher cut off than IT, I would suggest to get admission into IT in better college than computer science in some not-so-popular college. During placements in 4th year, companies treat both equally. And some of the companies only go to the good colleges as you know.
  3. Don't rely on only curriculum only to become a good software engineer.
  • During first year focus on mastering c and c++. If you are in Mumbai, try to find good coaching class for these subjects.
  • Refer to reference books for computer/IT subjects, DON'T read techmax for these subjects. You can read those for irrelevant subjects (related to civil, mechanical etc., there will be few of them mainly during first year)
  • During second year, master algorithms and data structures (these are the MOST important subjects to become good programmer, during placements this is what mostly asked).
  • Also starting second year, start practicing coding on sites like TOPCODER, codechef, leetcode etc. These might seem difficult initially, but practice makes you better at it, don't give up, start with easy question and then slowly move to medium. Do this until 4th year or until you feel passionate about it (I still do it :) after 7 years of engineering).
  • There are some other subjects like database, operating systems, computer networks during 3rd and 4th year which are important, don't rely on only college teachers to get your concepts cleared, get help from internet: online courses, blogs, wikipedia, there are tons of resources.
  • Try to develop your own small projects (like android apps, some dummy websites, machine learning model etc.) during 2nd and 3rd years.

All the best for your journey. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much.. This will surely help me 😄

Lauren’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

My brother got his bachelor's in computer engineering from FSU. While he did benefit from this, he also went on to Georgia Tech to get his master's in computer science to get the educational benefits for more technical matters. I would say if you would want to diversify what you're learning, go with IT engineering.

Lauren recommends the following next steps:

  • research an industry you think you would like to go in
  • talk with both a computer engineer and IT engineer for the pros and cons of each major/job
  • take introductory classes for both, they will likely overlap
Thank you so much for your help

Justin’s Answer

Updated Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Honestly, it all depends on your personal preferences. Computer engineering covers aspects of hardware and software whereas IT engineering purely deals with software. But in the end, it does not really matter which branch of engineering you choose - Computer or IT, it all boils down to the same spectrum of job duties that you will end up performing. Our advice would be, if you are interested in software development, you better concentrate more on developing your coding skills. That will take your career ahead. All the best!

Thank you so much