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i am a computer engineering student completed my 1 st year ..i am thinking to change into civil engineering so that i can do M.ARCH .. but i amthinking is it a right descion to change into civil

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2 answers

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Peter’s Answer

Hello, Sahastra. I am a retired Civil Engineer. If you are truly interested in going into Architecture, a Civil Engineering degree is a very good pathway. A good understanding of structural engineering will definitely enhance your capability in architectural design. Your knowledge of structural mechanics, gained through a civil engineering background, should make you a better architect, particularly early in your career.

Peter recommends the following next steps:

Discuss your interest in architecture with a professor or counselor in the civil engineering department of your university.

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Satya Krishna Kapil’s Answer

It is very important to choose career that you are passionate about. If you like to do civil engineering and before you make a move, make sure you get a better understanding of what a civil engineer does, what is the scope of work, how is the job market after you graduate. Once you get better understanding of civil engineering decide if you want to make a move or stick to computer science.

As a software engineer i can tell you that there are lot of opportunities in computer science and engineering. But if you are not interested in computer science, i'll advise you to make the move. Follow your passion.

Satya Krishna Kapil recommends the following next steps:

Do research about scope of work of civil engineer.
Do research about job market for civil engineer
If you think the above are good, move to civil if that is your passion.