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I was a surveillance operative who use to take photos and video and monitor my target on operations which was my duty been post now i want to be a special agent . Can be train without doing 3-4yrs criminalogy course in university

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2 answers

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R’s Answer

One basic requirement is to possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university.

So to your question: No, you don't need a 3-4 year criminology course in a university. However, you need a a bachelor's degree from a four-year university--no specific major is required.

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David’s Answer

Sounds to me like you were in the military and now want to be an FBI agent? If that is your question, the answer is no. The pre requirements are on their website. The best thing to do coming out of the military, is local or state police. Photos video and monitor is a part of their job, but they spend a lot of time in the office. And it looks like any other office. I’ve only been inside once, but occasionally, I still talk with them on the phone. Their communication skills are outstanding and they are terrific listeners. I would work on those two things. You can do that starting now, in your everyday life.

If I wanted to be a special agent today, I would work in a bank. And move my way toward manager. See if you can get a tech or CNA job in a psychiatric hospital. Once you graduate the FBI academy, you may not be assigned to photos, video and monitor at all. Most people in the FBI today, didn’t plan on that job, coming out of high school, or even college.