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Marine biology internship near me

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2 answers

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Randall’s Answer

Hello Eliana O.

There may be other internship opportunities in the NJ area but I am quite familiar with the Delaware River Basin Commission. They concentrate on the Delaware basin which is fresh water but they also much work in the Delaware Bay as well. Either way, it would serve your work experience very well.

Delaware River Basin Commission

P.O. Box 7360

West Trenton, NJ 08628-0360

P: (609) 883-9500 x205

F: (609) 883-9522


Dr. Detra

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Sebastian’s Answer

If you ever need help looking for internships or jobs I would recommend joining handshake. It's a site that is specifically meant for college students and a lot of universities including the one I attend right now are pairing with them. For me I was able to apply to 9 internships in a few hours just using the site and the internship I have now is one that I found on the site.