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Randall Detra

Industry: Environmental testing/research. Academic: chemistry, biology, physical science
Other - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
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Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Nov 26, 2023 352 views

What is an easier way to memorize the chemical formula of Nitro Glycerin (C3H6N3O9)?

What is an easier way to memorize the chemical formula of Nitro Glycerin (C3H6N3O9)

Selena’s Avatar
Selena Jul 23, 2023 1617 views

What did you do with your chemistry degree ?

Im wondering if going for chemistry is worth it? What do you do now with a chemistry degree and are you happy?

Idongesit’s Avatar
Idongesit Nov 27, 2022 487 views

What is the best way to manage opposing career paths?

What is the best way to manage and balance career paths that look like they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum but both appeal to you? Is there an in-between? #Fall22 #fall22

Alayn’s Avatar
Alayn Mar 28, 2022 1346 views

Are there any hobbies that would further knowledge on a biology orientated career path?

I would like to participate in activities that would further my knowledge an experience in biology or science as a whole.

Braden’s Avatar
Braden May 10, 2022 1276 views

What courses should I take to become an Aquatic Biologist?

I've always loved the outdoors and freshwater life, what paths should I take to implement this into my career in the future.

Abbey’s Avatar
Abbey Nov 01, 2021 540 views

What career would you suggest for me?

I am a senior in high school in the US. I'm really into chemistry, art, and philosophy. It's been it's been really hard for me to make a decision on this.
#chemistry #art

Garret’s Avatar
Garret Oct 25, 2021 2082 views

How hard can I expect organic chemistry to be?

#chemistry #college #biology

S. Dhivyesh’s Avatar
S. Dhivyesh Jun 21, 2021 418 views

I am not sure what UG Degree to choose. I have opted for biology as my main subject without mathematics, and I am also not good at exploring things.

#college #biology #science #math
I'd love some interesting courses apart from a MBBS degree

Manda’s Avatar
Manda Jun 20, 2021 659 views

What does a Marine Biologistgist Do?

I would like to become a Marine Biologist but I don't really know what they do. #biology #biochemistry #marine-biology

tracy’s Avatar
tracy Mar 19, 2021 525 views

i want to create new medicine for a disease but i don't know where to start ?

i like chemistry and mixing compounds together.
#careeradvice #medicine #chemistry #internationalstudents

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Dec 05, 2020 1006 views

If I work as a Chemistry professor at a college will I be able to teach General Chemistry only or will I have to be able to teach Organic Chemistry as well?

#teaching #professor #teach #chemistry

taylor’s Avatar
taylor Oct 19, 2020 457 views

What did you major in in college


Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Apr 13, 2020 1531 views

how long does it take to get a phd in marine biology

#biology #marine-biology #marine

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Feb 14, 2020 872 views

What are some ways to get and different types of research experiences I can get as an undergraduate student?

I'm a freshman undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience trying to get research and lab experience. #research #science

Kaela’s Avatar
Kaela Dec 12, 2019 2663 views

Should I take physics or AP Bio senior year?

My guidance counselor suggested I take physics but I rather take AP Bio. It's more interesting and I want to major in Biology in college. (I want to be an optometrist) My counselor said she was concerned that colleges wouldn't the AP Bio credits but I think taking AP Bio would show my...