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Does it matters alot the physical for a television host

Asked El Paso, Texas

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Kathleen’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Dafne -

I cannot tell from your question if you mean for news presenters, or weather, sports, business or entertainment TV. So I will be more broad in my answer:

First, on camera roles are highly competitive. There are far less on camera roles than there are copy editors and producers or writers or camera operators and video editors. Because there are less on camera roles, they are more competitive.

Key to any on camera role would be your skills, your knowledge, and the solid experience you bring to any on camera role. Does that mean every decision is made that way - probably not. If it’s a TV role, in addition to skills there are also sometimes considerations regarding the demographics of the audience, the time of day it appears on TV, and the expected look of that talent.

Focus on the areas with more jobs first — writers, editors, producers, video editors, etc. if you concentrate on yourself, your skills and your knowledge first — you’ll be more prepared should an on camera role opportunity present itself. The behind-the-scenes roles can provide excellent careers. Don’t overlook them —

Kathleen recommends the following next steps:

  • Do more research. Learn the paths people have taken before getting on camera. They don’t just start there from square one.
  • Be smart and knowledgeable in any career you choose. Working your way up the ladder may seem a bit cliche but it’s the best way to ensure you have a solid foundation of skills and experience for any positions that follow.
  • Whatever you do — make it a lifelong goal to always deliver your best work and to continue learning. You don’t stop learning just because you’re not in school any more. I’m still learning!!