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How do I get jobs in TV hosting?

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2 answers

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Matt’s Answer

Experience is king. TV hosting and anchor jobs can sometimes take years to obtain. Take every opportunity you can to get on-air experience. When you're starting out, that could be as simple as creating your own YouTube channel. For people wanting to get their foot in the door in TV, getting an internship at a local news station is the single most important thing you can do. These are often unpaid, unfortunately, but what you learn in an internship and the connections you make are far more valuable than what you learn in the classroom. If you can't land an internship, join your student TV station and get experience there. You might also ask to job shadow at a professional station. By the time you graduate, you need to have what's known as a "demo reel" or just "reel." It's a video montage showcasing your work. Make sure to show as many different examples of your work as you can in a small amount of time, because a news director's time is incredibly limited. Send your reel out to as many stations as you can, even if they don't have positions open. You may need to be ready to move somewhere you never saw yourself living. Often times, TV careers begin in small markets in remote parts of the country, perhaps far from where you live. If you get an offer for such a job, my advice would be take it even if it's not somewhere you're excited to go. Remember, your first job won't likely be your last. The important thing is that you need to get experience that will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that will make you seem credible enough to get the job you really want. Trust the process. Climb the ladder.

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Jackie’s Answer

When I worked at Bloomberg LP, we had a few journalists that made the change from desk reporter to on screen talent reporting in their specialist field.

I would say study your expert matter of choice within the Journalism filed and then look to cross over to the specialist on-air talent field!

Jackie recommends the following next steps:

Study your chosen field of expertise
Look to someone like this https://www.carolinegoyder.com/ to help you be the best on air!