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What is the most difficult part of being a Social Worker?

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2 answers

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Sabrina’s Answer

Hi there, it can also be highly emotional depending on the field in which you work. I spent 9 years at a homeless shelter and encountered so much heart-break. There were a lot of scary, high-pressure situations, like helping a fleeing domestic abuse survivor run and hide from a gun-toting, crazed husband and lots of sad things, like losing a client in rehab who had a relapse and died. But, for every very sad situation, there were lots of stories of renewal and triumph as people found jobs, got back into their own homes, completed an associate degree, or simply remained clean for 12 mos. It's people based work so there will always be moments of victory and moments of sadness, but it was incredibly rewarding and life-changing for me. I hope you find the same thing!

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Mr.’s Answer


I believe the most difficult part after obtaining all the licenses and certificates is finding the right atmosphere for your experience. Also you have to deal with the different policies, regulations and ethics. You will be working 12 hour shifts for the most part and dealing with various degrees of psychological decencies from various backgrounds. The salary and the job duties does not match but you will have great opportunities to network and change lives. The most difficult part I would say is to not get too emotionally attached to your clients and not to let the job environment stress you out.

I wish you the best on your journey.