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how do i know welding is the best career for me ?

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Bryant’s Answer

Never go to a career path because of money since it will be short term and not long term where finding passion is the long term goal. Not everyone has to go to college since technical roles such as welding, and other fields are in need of candidates.

To know if any career path is the correct one 1. Interview a person in the field to gain more knowledge 2. Researching roles associated with it, Education that is needed, places to work at either in North America or Internationally 3. Volunteering or Interning to gain some hands on experience

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Francisco Alejandro’s Answer

These question is more reflective for you. What are your stronger skills? What is the thing that you enjoy more? What are your prespective for a dream job? Do you like stay in a office or outside?

Remember that you will study one career for spend all your life there and also you are going to choose a work related with it. So, if you don't enjoy what you are doing. Imagine how will your life going to.