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What does it take to have a dance company?

Im looking to major in dance. dance college-major

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2 answers

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Vartika’s Answer


So you want to be a dance major? Wonderful! But in college, your choices don't end there. Pedagogy, kinesiology, arts management: What can those different tracks help you with? Choosing a college concentration that opens up multiple career options is a smart move, setting you up for not only an exciting performance career, but also a lifetime of opportunities in the arts. Perhaps you're hoping to start your own dance company, but you have no idea how to run a business—a dance management degree will put you on the right path. Or maybe you want to keep performing while also teaching at local studios—dance pedagogy can help you build an exciting resumé. Read on for a breakdown of what to expect within various dance-program concentrations.
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Bryant’s Answer

It takes patience, coachable and more as everything depends on the quality of your dance style. You can be a Dancer, Coach, Assistant, being in Administration (Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Operations) and more. It is better to start at a nonprofit by volunteering or interning to gain more insight as well as interviewing those in the field.