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What are some technological tools i should be familiar with?

I am a student currently enrolled in Job Corps taking Office Administration classes. student college

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7 answers

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Amber’s Answer

Hi Lorena!

I am an Admissions Advisor at Kenzie Acadmey. We currently are helping people secure a future in tech. Currently, we have Software Engineering, UX Engineering and Digital Marketing cohorts that we host every 3 months. Our programs are 1 year and 6 months. They are hosted remote and on campus in Indianapolis, IN. Because of our income share agreement that we offer, it is only $100 to enroll. Our income share agreement eliminates traditional student loan debt.

We are a project based learning tech apprentice school preparing you for all the updated tech skills of now needed to secure a job in tech. There is no prior coding experience needed. I love that you are motivated on here! Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from food industry to teaching to straight out of high school to career enhancers to, in your case, office administration. We also help with job placement upon completion of our programs.

If you’d like to learn more please visit our website and research our programs we offer.

We are so happy to help you!


Amber and The Kenzie Team

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Visit our website
Check out our student success stories
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Carolina’s Answer

Hi Lorena! Hope you are well. :) In addition to what has been mentioned by the rest of the group, I would recommend Twitter and LinkedIn. These are platforms that can connect you with your main interests so you can by updated on all of them as well as with names of reference in multiple areas of expertise. Good luck!

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Allan Kishore Kumar’s Answer

Hello Lorena,

Great question! From my personal experience I would suggest Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel to begin with. And depending on the amount of data you would have to work with, any data visualization tool like Tableau would be very helpful. And also knowledge of any database system such as Microsoft Access, SQL, or Oracle would go a long way. All the Best!

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Kole’s Answer

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are two of the most popular email clients and I think it would very beneficial to understand one or both. This helps you become organized and manage communication internally an externally. If you understand how to set up folders and manage tasks, this will help you in the log run.

There are many free online course sites that offer skills to help you. Youtube is a great resource to start with. You can search for tutorial videos like "how to use gmail" or "setup tabs on gmail". If you want to enroll in an actual course, Udemy and Coursea are great places to start.

Gmail Tutorial:

Microsoft Tutorial:

Kole recommends the following next steps:

Watch these videos on Youtube: Gmail Tutorial: Microsoft Tutorial:
Create an account on Udemy on Coursea.
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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Lorena,

There are many types of technological tools that are important for one's job. Some are very basic Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel. In my job, it is helpful to be comfortable with PowerPoint and Visio as well, and possibly Alteryx and Tableau.

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Mark’s Answer

HI Lorena,

Good question so you can be prepared.

1- The MicroSoft Suite of products would be solid start

2-Excel / Access are two great database tools to learn

3-SQL is another great tool to use for data & reporting; along with using Power BI

4- Marketo, Tabeleau and all three are commonly used in today work force

When looking at your career and the types of roles you want to progress to I would always encourage you to look ahead. Identify new technologies or tools that will give you an edge i.e. Anaplan a tool used more recently today by finance / accounting.

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Cynthia’s Answer

Microsoft Office and Excel