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What are you doing to better further your success

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Mr. Ernst’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey

Bryant Y,

I am working learning the landscape of the corporate world, being assertive and keeping a humble demeanor all along the way. I am learning to understand in order to know so I can wisen up. I am learning how to sacrifice in order to find balance. I am learning how to put my dollar to use and how to differentiate between squandering and treating myself to what I deserve. I am learning every second of the day what the world has in store and its source and origins. I am keeping myself mentally and physically active in bettering the lives of others around me. There is no success where selfishness dwells. I am staying on top of keeping my information updated and staying organized. I am learning how to be moderate and prudent with whatever task comes my way and to be as dexterous as possible. I put my spiritual life as a priority and treat my carnal life as a necessity. I keep my ears opened and speak less. Most importantly I understand everything comes in its due season so in the meantime I keep sharpening my craft, skills and knowledge to be better prepared.

I wish you the best on your journey in life.