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whats is a typical day like in your job?

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2 answers

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Dada’s Answer

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What does it involve in a typical day for a chef !!

A typical day for a chef is to start segregate & assemble orders for the day , also review schedules and prep lists that are supposed to be arriving (Fresh food supplies).
Meanwhile Chefs day begins ensuring that the food is cooked to perfection and serve the purpose of the diner to go home with a happy meal.
Staff meal must be considered as a priority too, and although the rest of the kitchen management retires to the dining room to sit and eat in a more civilized manner, Chef`s usually hang out with all of the kitchen teams, often standing, eating and working simultaneously. If it is really busy,
Staff sometimes pass on eating altogether, opting to cook dinner for own self when he/she gets home.
Though there is always something to be done—whether in the office or the kitchen—it is nice to sometimes escape the building altogether, to enjoy a few moments of daylight if the weather is good.

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dana’s Answer

Are you asking for my daily routine and tasks in customer service?