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Hi I’m very indecisive about the major. I want to go for the neuroscience major but i cant afford the price what should i do?

Asked Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)

Hi I’m eve from Burma. I’m 21. I quit medical school from Myanmar to study in America. I’m seeking advice what to take for the major in order to earn money so that I’m able to support my family back in Myanmar. #college-major

2 answers

Sandra’s Answer


You could start by taking your entry level college classes via a junior college or state college that often has much less costs associated. This way you can get your minor requirements out of the way before moving to a larger college for your major classwork.

My nephew recently did this, as he wanted a bio-engineering degree, but couldn't afford the hefty cost. He was able to take his communications, basic math, basic science, language arts, etc requirements at a local junior college at a much reduced cost. Since this college was local to his home he was able to live at home, take classes and work while finishing off these classes.

Once these were done, he was able to transfer his credits to a larger accredited college that had the bio-engineering degree. It will take him an extra year to finish classes due to the cost factor, but in the end he is spending much less and getting all of his classwork done.

He is now set to graduate with his degree in 2021.

Sandra recommends the following next steps:

  • Find a college with your desired major and research ability to transfer credits
  • find a junior college or community college that will transfer

Cathy’s Answer

Updated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi Eve, have you looked to see if any courses you already took will transfer to an American university? Also, there are so many scholarships out there. The most popular website to find information is www.fastweb.com. A

Cathy recommends the following next steps:

  • Research credits that will transfer
  • Research scholarships from www.fastweb.com and other sites.
  • Research work study programs