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which field of computers is best for designing different objects such as furniture,buildings.jewelry and lots of other objects

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I have the interest of making design of every object in the world ; ) #design

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Reiko’s Answer


Hi Saadia!

You remind me of myself when I was younger. Design careers are great to pursue because the skills required to succeed are interchangeable. I began as a Fashion Design major in college. However, I gained other design skills through volunteer opportunities. Currently, I use data to decide where products are placed in a store and I draw maps of the store with the aid of a software program.

Many design fields require computer skills. Yet, each field has its own software programs that determine how items are produced. There is a program called SketchUp by Google that will allow you to learn how to create furniture and building designs on your own. It is a program that is very similar to AutoCAD, which is used by interior designers, architects, and many others. SketchUp is growing in popularity among design professionals because of its ease of use.

As for jewelry design, like fashion design, that field requires more hands on designing and less use of computer aids. There are so many possibilities.

Reiko recommends the following next steps:

  • Download Google SketchUp to create furniture and buildings with the self-guided exercises.
  • Create Pinterest boards to get your interests and ideas categorized.
  • Find volunteer opportunities that may be in areas of interest to you.

Mindy’s Answer


Hey there! That was also exactly what I was thinking about while growing up. I wanted to improve everyday designs for people. Today, I design digital products (web and mobile apps) to do just that.

For me, since I wasn’t sure what specific design or industry I wanted to get into. I decided to major in Product Design at a design university. During university, I took as many classes that interested me including furniture, ceramics, mass production design, and more.

For designing furniture and other physical objects, I used a mix of programs like Adobe Illustrator and Rhino. These programs have steeper learning curves and are used by design professionals today. They may be relevant but they’re quite costly. They do offer student discounts!

Outside of school I was able to develop other kinds of design skills through volunteering, internships, and summer jobs. I designed posters, pamphlets, and signage for a number of places I worked for over summer breaks.