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Mario Jul 29, 2019 333 views

What what career are centered around art ?

#art #animation #design

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Saadia Aug 25, 2019 346 views

which field of computers is best for designing different objects such as furniture, and lots of other objects

I have the interest of making design of every object in the world ; ) #design

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Sep 27, 2019 288 views

How many hours do graphic desingers work a week?

How many hours could a potential graphic designer expect to work in a week? #graphic-design

Lexis’s Avatar
Lexis Sep 24, 2019 353 views

Best photography school?

#photography #college

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laurelyn Sep 06, 2019 424 views

Are there opportunities for self-employment in your field? Where?

#school #student #dermatology #biology #law #lawyer #healthcareer

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Jaden Sep 09, 2019 282 views

What should my major be if I am interested in graphic design?

#graphic-design #art

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Sep 27, 2019 298 views

How does one get exposure in the field of graphic design

I am a high school student and I am #graphic-design just wondering how would I get started and get some exposure as a graphic designer and how long should it take before I become a locally known graphic design

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Jennifer Sep 06, 2019 451 views

What other strengths or experiences might I need for a career in a fashion industry?

Hi my name is Jennifer, I am a Glen Rose HS students, I am 17 years old and a junior. My strengths are being a good communicator, organizing and cleaning. I am interested in the fashion industry. In my spare time I like to organize. What other strengths or experiences might I need for a career...