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What what career are centered around art ?

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3 answers

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Mindy’s Answer

Hey there! There’s plenty of careers that are centered around art. This is a pretty broad question so a good thing to figure out is what part of the arts do you enjoy most?

For me, ever since I was 3 years old I wanted to be some kind of artist. As I grew older, I got the opportunity to attend an art high school majoring in just that where I painted, drew, and made art everyday. I slowly learned there’s more beyond the traditional fine arts and shifted gears to pursue design.

When it came to college, I attended a Design School called Parsons School for Design majoring in Product Design. I still wasn’t exactly sure what exactly I wanted to design yet but I knew it’d be some form of everyday product that people interacted daily. During college I designed everything from ceramics, furniture, toys, fashion accessories, digital presentations, infographics, and more.

After Design School, I worked for companies designing physical objects, packaging and marketing materials to now digital products (web and phone apps).

Though I’ve strayed away from the traditional fine arts to design it was the right path for me. Hope sharing my journey was helpful for you!

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Logan’s Answer

There are several careers that have art at its center or includes art as a major influence. You could consider a not for profit arts organization, a design consultation in a frame shop, or an artist for a greeting card company. Another possibility for artist to think about is offering your skill/talent as a freelance artist. And of course, if you have the talent and confidence there can be a fulfilling career as a "working artist". I hope this answers your question as well as gives you something to consider.

Logan recommends the following next steps:

While the possibilities I've shared can be gotten without a college degree, it may well be the difference between getting the art directors position or the production artist opening.
Having said what I said earlier, in either option expanding the scope of your art IQ is imperative. Expose yourself to a broad range of art, artist and art techniques. As a creative person, the more you know, the more you'll be able to do.

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Susie’s Answer

Hi Mario!

There are many careers that are centered around the arts and art. I initially wanted to be an architect because I loved to draw and thought that was the best field for me, but when I graduated high school I ended up going into Graphic Design and Illustration - from there I worked in different kinds of print shops designing print media and advertising, clothing logos etc and then I decided to go back to school and get into multimedia. That brought me into film/television through video editing and effects and animation!

In animation you can be an animator, you can create backgrounds, you can create props or be a storyboard artist or character designer. You can also take those skills and go into 3D and get into gaming - which can require some coding as well - so if you're into computers and languages you might find that more interesting.

It helps to talk to people in certain roles to find out what their jobs are like day-to-day, what path they took to get where they are and what the love about their jobs. My career has changed a few times, but I've managed to remain in a field where I get to use my design, video and animation skills all the time - and I love it!

Speak to a career counsellor or some people that you know who work in the arts to find out the best path for you - in the meantime, work on your portfolio and find out what media you like best - that may help you decide which path(s) to take!

Good Luck!