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Would you recommend a school within the states or abroad for culinary arts

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3 answers

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Prapti’s Answer

Hi Ryan,

To be honest, it depends on the kind of exposure you want. In case you want to mix in and explore other cultures you can go abroad.

However, I wont recommend that in case you are able to get into some of the finest colleges in USA.

The list of top colleges is given below :


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Amber’s Answer

I believe it depends on what type of cuisine you intend to prepare. Studying abroad helps broaden your horizons and, in this case, palate. From friends that studied culinary arts, their experience abroad was priceless!

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Richard’s Answer

I would look into schools in the states we have wonderful options and after graduating you could do an externship abroad.

Richard recommends the following next steps:

culinary i institute of america
Johnson and Wales
local community college