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how do i get through medical school without giving up?

Asked Limestone, Maine

I want to go to medical school. #medical #doctor #medical-school

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Mary’s Answer

Updated Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Hi Daliah - yes, Medical School can be tough just like other goals you will set for yourself. It is not so much the school to get through, usually the Residency is the grueling part, long hours, lack of sleep, but just think of what you will have and continue to accomplish. You will be helping people, saving lives, find cures, who knows the wonderful possibilities. There will be many resources and you will be surrounding yourself in school with others going through the same thing. There are some great blogs and people to follow that are in medical school now and those who have obtained their medical degrees, they share some great tips and advice is awesome as they are in the trenches and loving it. Focus on the goal - Dr. Daliah S. and don't let anything break your spirit or stride, your strength and positive outlook comes from within and just feed yourself mentally the right stuff and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do this - you can do anything you set your mind to do!! Good luck and much success to you!