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What would a typical work day be like for a social worker?

I'm considering becoming a social worker after high school. #social-work #social-worker

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer


Most people going into the social work field have some college. Are you looking for something you can do directly after high school without going to college?

Given some of your other questions, I can tell you are concerned about the stress and emotional impact social work can bring about. I recommend you consider volunteering, to both evaluate if you like it, and also to get your foot in the door!

Here is a good place to start.



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LaToya’s Answer

I work as a renal/medical social worker. My typical day is arriving to work between 8-9 am and rounding on my shifts at one of my clinics. I have 3 shifts of patients to see on Monday (36 patients total). I usually finish my day between 6-7 pm. Some day’s can be busy (completing comprehensive assessments, charting, etc.) while others can be light. A social workers typical day depends on their role and no day is ever the same.