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Can you recommend any courses I should take before proceeding with my job search?

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Any specific classes that would help with criminal justice? #law

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Alexandra’s Answer


Hi Karyme,

There are many types of jobs in criminal justice and, therefore, many criminal justice classes are offered by colleges with criminal justice programs. Some good ones are criminal psychology, computer forensics, crime scene investigation, counterterrorism, various criminal policy classes and also general psychology, sociology and history classes. Some colleges offer majors or certificates in crime investigation or in criminal justice. It would help you narrow down your options if you consider which type of career in criminal justice you are considering and also look at some college offerings.

Good luck,


Robert’s Answer


Karyme - I would recommend at least the following: forensic science, forensic/crime scene photography, probation and parole. All of these are different but may allow you the opportunity to get into your chosen career field quicker than others.

As a suggestion, you may want to google some things such as: becoming a probation or parole officer. what do I need to become a forensic scientist? what careers in criminal justice look promising? this may help you determine other courses, etc., to consider on your career path.

Good Luck!