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what additional skills i need?

My Name is Brandyn from Glen Rose HS, i'm a freshman i'm interested in a career in programing my skills include compter, people skills, and hard worker and my spare time i like to do you-tuber, football, band. what additional skills would i need?
youtube # sports compter coach

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3 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Workers aiming to become computer-literate should focus on:

Basic computer skills, such as using a mouse, typing on a keyboard, and navigating file systems and menus.
Microsoft Office programs, with particular attention to Word, Excel and PowerPoint -- roughly in that order.
Essential Internet skills, such as email, Web browsing and searching.
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Vanessa’s Answer

Editing, coding, software programing knowledge, Microsoft office, word, gaming and a few more , start by taking free classes on google classroom or also look for a mentor you can have by your side when needed
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Dhruv’s Answer

Hi, I would say include Data analysis along with programming into you skill . It will give you great benefit in upcoming world. You can grab knowledge on Big Data , Machine learning . You can know about different software around that .