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How did you get your job as an accountant

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Rachael’s Answer


Hi Deja,

I obtained my position through the completion of my internship. I highly recommend completing as many internships as you can over the course of your college career. A major such as accounting is extremely broad encompassing numerous positions across a variety of industries. I think the best way to determine if this would be a fit is to experience it and internships are a great way to accomplish this. I only completed one internship. I wish I could have completed at least a few in my field prior to choosing the avenue I pursued so that I had a better idea of what the day to day was like in each position, in each industry so I could ensure the choice I made was truly the best fit for me.

As far as how to obtain the internship, many companies can be extremely competitive with their application and interview process. I suggest utilizing your school or network connections. Colleges and universities often partner with companies and this can be a great opportunity for young professionals to start out. People within your network may also be aware of opportunities, have their own connections to opportunities, or perhaps have open opportunities themselves.

Best of luck!