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What can i do to improve my animation skills?

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As a senior in high school, i don't have a lot of money for an animation program on a computer (ie. Toonboom, Animate, etc.). What can i do to improve? #animation #graphic-design #video-games

3 answers

Karen’s Answer


If you're interested in 3D Animation, some of the open source software (free to use for any purpose) are fairly sophisticated now. Look into Blender for 3D... Blender also has a "grease pencil" tool that is making some waves in 2D animation as well (look at the short film Hero that came from Blender to see what I mean). There are lots of tutorials online as well. Very creative work can come from limited sources. You can always find an excuse not to create (I don't have the latest xyz because it is crazy expensive) but what can you do with what you have--get creative!! Hey, it worked for George Lucas!

Karen recommends the following next steps:

  • look into Blender
  • never stop creating, even with limited resources

Yedi’s Answer


Hi Frank! There are two sets of really important skills for anything creative: storytelling and technical knowledge. You can build your storytelling muscles by writing and storyboarding—those are free and only require paper and a pencil. Technical knowledge will come with practice, for that I'd recommend looking into Adobe Creative Suite. They have a discount for students where you can get access for $19.99/mo. Once you have that set up you can check out tutorials for After Effects or Premiere and start bringing your story boards to life.

Hope that helps :)

Yedi recommends the following next steps:

  • Take a look at the student discount for Adobe https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/buy/students.html
  • Find some youtube tutorials for After Effects and Premiere
  • Go for it!

Daria’s Answer


You can get free stop motion apps on your phone, and drawing from life is the most important thing to practice!