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Haley’s Avatar
Haley Dec 12, 2019 785 views

Where (other than California) would I be able to find good, tangible work as an animator?

I want to pursue animation as a possible career in the future and I'm wondering where I need to go to find a good job once I'm done with college. Where would I even start as well? I've heard of legendary cartoonists jump starting their career by merely having a good idea to pitch and a talent...

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Dec 12, 2019 528 views

What steps do I have to take to become an animator?

I like art and I doodle all the time, and I’ve always been told I should become an animator. What are some steps I can take to become one? #art #artist #animation

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Sep 10, 2019 504 views

What can i do to improve my animation skills?

As a senior in high school, i don't have a lot of money for an animation program on a computer (ie. Toonboom, Animate, etc.). What can i do to improve? #animation #graphic-design #video-games

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 06, 2019 469 views

What would be the starting salary for an animator?

I'm from high school and would like to know what would be the starting pay. #animation

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 06, 2019 526 views

What is the long-term potential for an animator?

Interested in animation, but how long do people stay with companies/corporations? #animation #artist

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Sep 10, 2019 403 views

What animations/animators do you look at for inspiration?

We all looked at something to inspire ourselves and continue to look at their work to keep us going in this career of animation or think of ideas based upon it. What works have you seen to become an animator? #animation

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 06, 2019 518 views

Are there too many animators in the field as of now?

I'm from Brennan HS and very interested in animation. But need to know if there are to many. #animation #d-animation

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 06, 2019 379 views

What do you find the most enjoyable about animation?

I'm from high school and would really like to go into animation. #animation #d-animation