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what is the most payed position ?

Hi Brandy. Could you provide some context to the question? I know it's quite a while since you asked but if you still use this platform, please consider my comment Aun M.

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2 answers

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Natasha’s Answer

In the context of the field of career that you are considering or pursuing, even before you accept or go for the highest payed position(s), think about your affinities and outlook in the position.

Let's assume you know there are jobs being creating in that field, there are some factors other than salary to give thoughts to:
Company (brand) & Company size (large, medium enterprise, global company, local organization, etc)
Location, length of commute, relocation
Work atmosphere (formal hierarchy or collaborative culture; joy while working; employee voice in decisions)
Human factors: colleagues, teams, supervisors, projects
Learning path on the job; mentorship; cognitive stimulation
Training opportunities at the selected position/company; Career growth
Perks on location (lunch, snacks, meals, birthdays, sports, staff retreats, gym, classes, etc)
Once again, human factors (learning from team, from mentor, employee engagement: how your colleagues love the place, how much co-workers care about the work, supportive/cooperative team)

These are just some of the things to consider, in addition to pay. While pay is important and does matter, several other factors may influence whether you are satisfied or excited every day to go to work.

Good Luck and Stay Well,

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Estelle’s Answer

As a surgeon, I work with PT's all the time and they are a vital part of the healthcare team.

The average annual salary for a physical therapist in the United States is $86,520.

I'm not sure what the upper limit of a PT's salary is, but I don't think it would be significantly higher.