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How do i ask my job for good insurance?

how do i get insurance at my work place #job-search #business #career #job

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3 answers

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Georgeta’s Answer

Hi there! First of all, you should always check if your job has benefits if that's what you're looking for. Unfortunately, some jobs don't offer benefits. After you've confirmed your job DOES offer benefits, you'll have to see what type of insurance they offer. In my experience, you hop on the insurance and it deducts a small amount from your paycheck per month (or per paycheck). It gets tricky because asking your job for good insurance isn't really an option. You take what they go on. But each company is held to a certain standard of insurance, so it's not like you WONT be covered if they offer it.

Georgeta recommends the following next steps:

Check if your job has insurance
Research the insurance
Get on said insurance

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Tammy’s Answer

Hello! This is always a great question to ask with any job as these benefits equate to money (value) beyond your pay. Ask the company what kind of benefits they provide to their Employees including insurance. You may be surprised to find other benefits that you didn't even think of that are also shared with you. Once they share the insurance benefits, you can always research them. Many employers are usually candid in sharing how good their benefits are for their employees.

Tammy recommends the following next steps:

Ask about company benefits including insurance
Research the insurance benefits

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Keana’s Answer

So this question can be a difficult. To define good insurance can be hard. Health insurance have different plan options and companies the options are offered to can vary based on that companies needs or interests. If your employer has insurance you will want to review the options that are available and select a plan based on your needs or health care concerns/needs. Review the co-insurance and deductible and select the plan not just based on your finances but also your health care areas of focus.