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What are the pros cons for becoming a vet?

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Bryan Y.’s Answer

That! Is a very difficult yet good question. The pros and cons of the profession, I believe, depends on the individual person and what their interests are. For myself, the pros are when I can make the perfect diagnosis and see my clients happy face. I can help the once in awhile client that cannot afford proper veterinary service. The long-time client that brings in the old patient for euthanasia because the inevitable time has come. The cons are lets say all the politics that revolve around veterinary medicine. Lets not get into that. The long hours and the sadness when I know nothing can be done. The handful of clients that adopt or raise for the wrong reasons, and the belief that euthanasia is the only resort to their problems. The reason why shelters and adoption actually have a job. The reason why so called petstores exist because a simple word stating that they are a rescue and not a business.

Being in the field fir the amount of time that I have. Ask yourself why do u want to be a veterinarian. Are you willing to sacrifice the majority of your life for the well being of the furry critters with not much in return. Can you say I have to be a veterinarian and nothing else. Do I like the complexicity of medicine.

Well hopefilly I am looking at my next potential candidate.

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Charl’s Answer

Hi Odyssey,

This is a short summary

Being a Veterinarian does have some difficult moments, and it's good to know these things before you truly make a decision to pursue this career:

  • Most veterinarians are on call around the clock since emergencies can occur at any time. Schedules may include evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Dealing with sick animals and their distraught owners can be very stressful.
  • Vets may in certain circumstances need to put an animal to sleep, called euthanasia.
  • Sick or frightened animals may bite, kick, or otherwise injure those who are treating them.

The pros are obviously all related to the wonderful impact you have on the lives of the animals you choose to work with. Saving animal lives is a noble profession.

Charl recommends the following next steps:

The best is to understand everything about preparing to be a vet. It entails a tremendous amount of work and commitment. More detailed information can be found on https://1zootree.weebly.com/vet.html