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What are some careers in "green energy" that are new industries

I would like to go into a new career that I can help to develop new ideasin #engineering #technology #green

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3 answers

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Katelyn’s Answer

Hi Joan! There has been a lot of wonderful attention around green energy and environmental efficiencies in the past decade. This isn't directly related to green energy development, but something that has become extremely popular is holding companies accountable for their carbon footprint, along with other environmental impact factors. This is a newer concept, which means there is a lot of growth and opportunity available in many industries. Many companies would like to do better and need help measuring their carbon footprint and developing programs to become more environmentally friendly.

Here is a really interesting article about an initiative from Google: https://cloud.google.com/blog/topics/inside-google-cloud/googles-new-pilot-aiming-to-measure-the-environmental-impact-of-the-fashion-industry

There are also new companies that are dedicating themselves to helping other companies measure their environmental impact like Cloverly: https://cloverly.com/

All of this is to say that I think you can find new job opportunities in almost any industry that are environmentally focused because there is a lot of public support around making companies greener, so there will be unique jobs in many different places.

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Ankur’s Answer

Hello John,

Fastest growing jobs in this sector are as follows:

1. Wind Turbine Technician
2. Solar Installer
3. Clean Car Engineer
4. Sustainable Builder
5. Sustainability Professional

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BHUSHAN’s Answer

Hi Joan,
There are basically 5 Most Innovative Renewable Energy Sources and there are number of industries which are planning and some of them are already started working on mentioned ideas, you can check some of them.

1. Wave Power
Though it’s gotten less attention than its close relatives wind, water, and solar powers, wave power is being explored as an alternative renewable energy source. In order to harness the power of the waves, offshore wave energy converters are constructed. As of now, this type of renewable energy is still in experimental stages, but considering the open space available in the ocean, and the tremendous amount of energy it produces, wave power could one day be a viable source of efficient renewable energy.

2. Printable Solar Panels
Solar panels are showing up on houses all over the world! As clean energy goes, it’s a cost-effective way for people to power their homes. Making solar panels for devices of any size just got a whole lot easier with printable solar panels. Solar inks are used on rolls of plastic, rather than building panels made from silicon—an easy and inexpensive option for applying solar cells to small electronics, windows, and just about anything else you can think of. Once the solar panels are added, it’s an almost limitless source of renewable energy!

3. Body Heat
Imagine being the innovative mind who first thought of harnessing body heat for good. Think about it—whenever you’re trapped indoors with a large group of people, the combined body heat makes the temperature rise considerably. Both the Mall of America and Stockholm’s rail station have taken advantage of their large crowds to create renewable energy. \

4. Algae
Algae grows quickly and has many properties that make it an ideal biodiesel fuel source. It has a higher heat content than corn or sugar, and can be used to make several different types of fuel. Its versatility and effectiveness could make it a top contender for replacing fossil fuels one day, but there’s still a lot of work and research to be done before that time comes.

5. Alcohol Waste
Many breweries have already figured out that their leftover spent grain makes good feed for farm animals, ensuring that nothing goes to waste in the brewing process. Some distilleries, however, have taken things a step further, using the waste from their distilling process to create renewable energy. In Scotland, some whiskey distilleries use their spent grain for an even nobler cause than hog feed: efficiently powering about 9000 homes. Some energy companies in the country have figured out how to convert the grain from some of the 100 distilleries, preventing waste and contributing to Scotland’s ambitious energy goals (100% renewable energy use by 2020). It’s nice to know that when you sip a glass of Scotch, you’re helping to power homes at the same time!