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Kelly Mar 26, 2020 2165 views

Difference between Videographer and video editor?

#tech #technology

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Dayalis Nov 08, 2019 1508 views

What is JavaScript ?

#technology #programmer #programming #tech #computer

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Aug 29, 2018 534 views

What is the process of becoming a college professor?

Curious on how many credits I would need or what kind of degree I will need for a math or art professor. I want to know for any type of college too; community, CSU, UC, private, etc? #professor #california #mathematics #art

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joan Sep 24, 2019 418 views

What are some careers in "green energy" that are new industries

I would like to go into a new career that I can help to develop new ideasin #engineering #technology #green

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jose Mar 16, 2020 398 views

what college would you recommend to try and go to for automotive engineering?

#engineering #college #mechanical #career #automotive #cars

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Otoniel Mar 13, 2020 439 views

What college degree you need to be a mechanic ?

My name is Otoniel i want to go to HCC college . I want to be a mechanic. How long it takes to study this career. #mechanics #engineering