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what college would you recommend to try and go to for automotive engineering?

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6 answers

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Bradley’s Answer

Hi Jose
I know exactly what this is like, I was facing the dilemma. Good news is that most any city college with an auto shop will give you skills and cost less to get started. College semesters last a while, you have plenty of time to learn/do things.

Is your goal to be a mechanic? or a professional in the automotive industry? Either way, college then the specialty school worked well for me. Engineering will require you to complete the 2 years of undergrad general ed. Costs less at a college then you transfer in to the school you want, which will likely have a 2 year waiting list anyway. (or thats how it was for me years a go). There are alot of schools, a smaller one in a lesser populated area may be good for you to?

U of Michigan has to be one of the schools to talk to. In my opinion its too brutally cold; If you were to take local college classes and tell your instructor about wanting to be in this industry? They'd use resources to get you connected whether U of Mich or ? I worked in automotive electronics, when one job went away, got very good invitations to move to the Detroit or surrounding area(s) where they do this work. Had to pass; But met alot of very smart hard working folks there on contract work. I could easily have worked in the area but am not single anymore.

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Cory’s Answer

Hi Jose,

I'm originally from McAllen and earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station. When I was trying to determine where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to major in, I was given a good piece of advice from an advisor. He said to get your undergraduate degree in one of the main engineering disciplines (mechanical, civil, electrical, etc.) and if you find that you are interested in something more specific then focus on that during a graduate degree, internship or extracurricular activity. A&M has an amazing SAE program and has won numerous design competitions. If I were you I'd think about getting an ME degree at A&M and participate SAE. This is the link to their page.


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Giovanni’s Answer

From a former citizen that resides in Texas, my advice is to go into universities like Texas A&M or UT. These premier engineering schools that have top global programs in mechanical engineering can land a job in automotive. Most students are sought after in these institutions and can land good jobs due to requirements and connections that they have.

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BHUSHAN’s Answer

There are number of Universities present in USA. Average cost after aid, graduation rate and request acceptance rate varies from one another.

Below are some of them:

1. Minnesota State University, Mankato
2. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT)
3. Colorado State University-Pueblo
4. Ferris State University
5. Indiana State University
6. Minnesota State University, Mankato
7. Siena Heights University
8. Farmingdale State College
9. Pennsylvania College of Technology
10. Brigham Young University-Idaho
11. Weber State University Ogden
12. Southern Illinois University
13. Western Washington University
14. Montana State University - Northern
15. Pittsburg State University
16. Broward College-Weston Center

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Brian’s Answer

I earned my B.S. Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. UofM maintains very close ties to Detroit 3 automakers, FiatChrysler, Ford, and General Motors. This undergraduate degree set me up to succeed in a 35 year career in automotive product development at Chrysler. But, that said, any mechanical engineering degree from an accredited college should suffice. Recommend you concentrate in the field of Mechatronics, the combination of mechanical and electrical/electronics engineering. Godspeed in your career!

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Alex’s Answer

Hi Jose,

I'm not sure if you plan on staying local for school or would like to venture out of state. I found the below list and thought it might be helpful for you.

Top Universities for Automotive Engineering in the USA:

Clemson University
Kettering University
Lawrence Technological University
Minnesota State University, Mankato
University of Michigan-Dearborn
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
University of Wisconsin-Madison