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what does a typical work day look like for dermatologists?

a high school student considering the option of becoming a dermatologist
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2 answers

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Walt’s Answer

I am not a physician myself, however, I married one while she was still in medical school and I watched her go through the process of rounding in and considering different specialities. She liked the idea of pursuing a career in dermatology because of the incredible work-life balance that it offers. However, she ultimately decided against it because the field sometimes offers less diversity in case types and limited time for patient interaction.

Those reasons were personal and unique to her consideration criteria, and this is a very personal choice, so please take this input as only one data point. You should absolutely pursue opportunities to talk to other medical students, physicians, and (ideally) practicing dermatologists to make your decision.

Good luck! Regardless of the specialty that you choose, if you become a physician, you will lead a fulfilling career and make positive contributions to the betterment of society.

Walt recommends the following next steps:

Talk to current medical students
Talk to current internal medicine residents
Talk to practicing dermatologists
Do some soul-searching and come up with a list of criteria that matter to you!

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Rachel’s Answer

Dermatologists spend their days in clinic diagnosing and treating skin conditions. Most dermatologists work 4-5 days per week from 9-5.