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What part of your job are the most challenging?

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Leobardo’s Answer

Not a nurse, but as surgical tech, it's surgeons preference, I have worked at many facilities! I will tell you most places there are some characters you will always come across. Some places are easier than others. a great team lead will make or break a workplace may make you want to leave.

it's a thankless job, it's not easy in the O.R. you will be part of the team that helps heal the sick, its not always a cake walk.

for some the challenging part is waking up early.

it also is rewarding, in ways that are hard to explain.

you will need to develop thick skin,

the patient may say something out of character because they are scared, normally scared of the unknown.

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Kayleen’s Answer

Hello Alondra!

The most challenging parts are wishing you could do more, had the power to do more to help, treat, care and resolve the patient's medical condition + symptoms. Even when you know you are doing everything you absolutely can, it can feel like it is not enough. I remind myself that I AM helping the patient by caring, being compassionate, supporting their families. Being kind, patient and sincere with everyone involved in patient care is extremely rewarding and enough that I will continue to do it for however long I can!