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I'm 25 years old

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I have no work experience besides working in the family business (restaurant)
I almost finished my Business Bachelors' degree, -which in my opinion is not really valuable.

On the side, I try to lean Python and some Computer science principals and taking extra courses on coursera and EDX.
and aspire to work in the field of data science /analytics.
I want to choose for myself, instead of being mixed up in the Family business

What kind of side-job allow me to work and develop my skills, or just general life advice?

kind regards,
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2 answers

Georgeta’s Answer


Hey David,

I strongly advise you to get a customer service oriented side job (like Starbucks or catering). This sounds ridiculous but a lot of places in your field looks at customer service jobs. Plus it helps you develop your sense of responsibility and team work.

This is helpful throughout college. When I was in college, I managed a Starbucks and it was the best thing I could've done. It set me up for interviews, work at firms and, eventually, the startup of my business.

Also a life tip: Breathe through the moment. All moments are temporary and life is too short. That all sounds so cheesy but don't forget to do it because you'll get overwhelmed and you just have to make sure you're staying level headed!

Best of luck to you

Deepak’s Answer


Hi David, The fields of Data Science / Analytics have a bright future - If you have strong interest and are enjoying learning the Python and Computer science principles, I encourage you to work on interesting projects that would allow you to demonstrate skills and apply for relevant jobs.

Few ways I know of working on interesting projects are:

1) Explore websites of big companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc that have volunteer project opportunities as students. eg https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/teals/students

2) There are Nano degree courses on Udacity that would allow you to learn at your speed and work on projects. https://www.udacity.com/nanodegree

3) There are coding schools and data science bootcamps that would offer practical training and job search help.

There is also this thread on Quora where people have offered advice on finding Data science job without a degree : https://www.quora.com/How-does-one-become-a-data-scientist-without-a-degree

Secondly, You mentioned that you almost finished Bachelors. If your situation permits going back to finish education, now in your newly found field of interest, that could open up new doors and your school might also have recruitment cell to help.

Finally, Don't be shy to reach out to people on LinkedIn or in your network asking for help. If you have genuine interest in the field and can demonstrate skill, there are many people who would take chances on you. Based on my experience there is more demand than supply in the field of data science, so you are on a right path to secure work if you are making sincere effort.

Best of Luck !