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What can I do with my graphic design minor in a company if I want to work corporate in recruiting?

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3 answers

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Brandon’s Answer

I have been in recruiting and specifically corporate recruiting for past 10 years. Major does not play a big factor in getting into recruiting. We tend to look for people with a passion for people as ultimately that is who you will be interacting with. To me recruiting takes a strong work ethic and customer service mindset to be successful. Your customers will be internal (hiring managers, business partners) and external (candidates) so understanding a customer mindset is vital to being successful. If graphic design is a passion I would suggest looking for a recruiting role or company that hires a lot of graphic designers, that way you include your passion along with your desire to get into corporate recruiting!

Great feedback, Brandon! Dayton Erickson

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Asia’s Answer

I echo a bit of the above! I'm in corporate recruiting and often in my role find opportunities that requires creative juices – talent & company branding. Your experience in graphic design will really up-level your team and company in these situations.

Additionally, a good point above, aligning with a company that is design focused might offer the opportunity to hire artists/designers where you experience would really give you a leg up.

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Pattie’s Answer

Taryn, depending on the company, you might be able to use your graphic skills to create recruiting collateral. I’ve worked at two companies that had a staff of graphic artists but even they couldn’t handle the amount of projects generated by big companies. The recruiting team needs everything from social media infographics to leave behind brochures.

If you land in a company with a corporate culture that allows you to wear multiple hats, you can definitely emphasize your graphic skills as an extra value. I have supported many facets of HR from a communication standpoint and they also need design for annual enrollment, benefits brochures, newsletter templates, etc.