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what do you like most/least about this career?

Currently, I am a student at job corps. I will be studying about office administration, this career path looks interesting but I am not sure I want to work in this field. #career-counseling #office-administration

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2 answers

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Omotola’s Answer

Hi There,

I currently work as an Office Coordinator, and I can definitely say that it is very fulfilling, although I do experience some challenges from time to time. I enjoy that I am able to assist my co-workers as I manage our office facilities, events, snacks and so on. I appreciate that others need me for various things, and that I am able to provide them with what is needed at all times.

Sometimes my job can be challenging, because some individuals might need me at once, or that someone might be upset with me because I can't always provide them with a yes. Everyone in my office are very different, so it's not always easy to please all. However, going into this career, I expected each day to not be perfect. I am much more open minded then I use to be, and it has helped me so much.

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Dawn’s Answer

One of the best ways to see if you would be interested in a career is to either get a part-time job in an office or volunteer at an office like a church, or local business. In this way you can test interests and see if this potential career is something that you like AND one that you enjoy.

Dawn recommends the following next steps:

Look on volunteer.org and look for the keywords office, office assistant, or administrative assistant.