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Bobbie W. Mar 04, 2019 276 views

How do I choose a career?

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Adolfo F. Sep 13, 2019 103 views
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Monica G. Sep 17, 2019 132 views

What skills are needed on a day to day basis?

I’m a senior student in San Antonio, Tx. I’m interested in working in with animals. I’m still undecided on a career. I’m very corporative and work well with others and I would like to work with a close team. #animals #medicine field #career...


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selena V. Oct 30, 2019 149 views

what do you like most/least about this career?

Currently, I am a student at job corps. I will be studying about office administration, this career path looks interesting but I am not sure I want to work in this field. #career-counseling...


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Heaven A. Oct 30, 2019 93 views

What is a typical day like in your job

I would like to work in a #job that pays really...