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What would you recommend Io at this point to get into this field?

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Kurt’s Answer

Well, go to a nearby Ace Hardware or local lumber yard and talk with the clerk. Also, many of these places have buisness cards for potential imployers in the field. Schooling is the best option considering starting pay; however, there are physical aspects you can't learn from a page. Starting out, I came to work with a belt, hammer, tape measure, speed square, carpenter pencil, and chaulk line. That should get you started with a general construction crew "does a little of everything"
Good Luck! Its not for everyone but it is fufilling work.

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Carole Sams’s Answer

This is a great field to grow as an apprentice. Depending on the type of work you hope to do, look for apprenticeship opportunities. Local trade groups and Tech schools will also offer classes to better know how to use some of the great drafting tools out there. Check with your local tech schools who also can connect you with an apprenticeship.