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Kurt Romelhart

Construction and Extraction Occupations
Parsons, Tennessee
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Sharond’s Avatar
Sharond Apr 23, 2019 504 views

If one of my strengths are being strong whats a good career for me ?


Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Jul 18, 2019 1051 views

How is job security for Carpenters?

I'm currently thinking about becoming a carpenter, and would like to know if the field has decent job security or not. #carpentry #construction #job-security

Kristopher’s Avatar
Kristopher Aug 22, 2019 546 views

What is the basics of supervisors of constructions trades & Extraction workers

#construction #carpentry

Jerome’s Avatar
Jerome Sep 20, 2019 528 views

How can I get a bigger income as a carpenter?

#carpentry #construction #income

Bishop’s Avatar
Bishop Jul 11, 2019 518 views

Do you need to know electrical if you want to work in the carpentry?

do you get to make buildings and places to live for people#career-development #carpentry #electrical wiring

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jun 26, 2019 605 views

How does the workplace on carpentry go on a daily basis?


Bishop’s Avatar
Bishop Jul 11, 2019 539 views

What is your typical day in the carpentry business?


Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Nov 07, 2019 489 views

What would you recommend Io at this point to get into this field?