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How can I get a bigger income as a carpenter?

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2 answers

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Kurt’s Answer

Honestly having confidence in what you do. It makes for a much better worker. An apprentice is someone who has to ask what's next.

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Mark’s Answer

The best way to improve your value is to increase your skills. Carpentry, particularly in the NY area involves many different skills. Drywall, Millwork, Ceilings are some.
The skills that require the most training are rewarded the best and usually keep the worker employed.
These skills include Drywall layout and framing, Millwork field installer. Doors and hardware, speciality Ceilings.
Of course, hard work and attention to detail are also major components of a great carpenter.
Blueprint reading is also a common denominator for all these skills.

By observing and working closely with other trades, a good carpenter is a great choice to become a site superintendent and manage projects. This move up would require additional computer knowledge, but is a natural step into Construction Management.