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Where can a computer scientist work at?

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3 answers

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George’s Answer

There are a lot of areas where computer scientists can work, and it's worth exploring the things that interest you the most to find which one feels right for you. There are two sides to computer science: the theoretical and the practical. Much like how studying physics can end prepare you for a career as a theoretical physicist or an engineer, computer science can prepare you for both theory and practice. Most jobs involve both, but will generally have a higher concentration of one over the other. For instance, jobs such as software engineering involve a lot of practical concerns: technical knowledge of programming languages, how to efficiently build software for other people, and effective communication. But having a solid understanding of theory allows developers to select the most appropriate algorithm to efficiently process/store data.

On the theory-heavy side, there are things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and high-performance or scientific computing. These all involve practical concerns of writing good code, but they rely on a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science like algorithms and data structures.

Just to provide a list:

  • Software engineer/developer
  • Web or mobile developer/designer
  • AI/ML engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Database administrator/engineer
  • IT Administrator/Engineer/Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst/Engineer
  • Hardware/Embedded Engineer

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Priya’s Answer

There are many avenues to explore if you are in the field of computer science. The opportunities are endless. However, think about what interests you the most and what is it that you are passionate about doing. Passion takes you a long way.

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Arthur’s Answer

If you're a good computer scientist, you can basically work anywhere since most companies rely on technology for their business needs.

Follow what your passionate about to find the right company/industry, and then use your skills to contribute and make things better.