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Priya Mandalika

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San Jose, California
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Meenakshi’s Avatar
Meenakshi May 29, 2018 619 views

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

Everyone should reflect on this statement no matter what field or profession.


Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 29, 2018 947 views

How do you connect with people to inspire them to be better?

I plan to become a band director and am currently a section leader. I try to inspire the others in my section to practice and work hard however it doesn't always work out. How can I connect with them to inspire them to be better?

mikayla’s Avatar
mikayla Nov 08, 2019 562 views

Where can a computer scientist work at?

#computer #computer-programming

Jiwannalynn’s Avatar
Jiwannalynn Sep 23, 2019 528 views

What to you like about your job?

I am a young adult looking to go to business trade and I would like some advice. #business

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Nov 08, 2019 1027 views

Do you work in groups or by yourself?

#data scientist #it #technology

Samsuzzoha’s Avatar
Samsuzzoha Oct 09, 2019 1223 views

How can we improve ourselves in the field of technology?

I know, we can't think without technology and technology is in every things. But, I want to improve myself as well as I can. #technology #science #computer #programming #computer-software