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How do you connect with people to inspire them to be better?

I plan to become a band director and am currently a section leader. I try to inspire the others in my section to practice and work hard however it doesn't always work out. How can I connect with them to inspire them to be better?

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5 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Mia:

Thank you for your question. People usually want to feel a sense of trust when you are encouraging them. I try to practice sharing my experience so they could get comfortable with me and open up and share theirs as well. I am forever sending "high fives and thank you's". I believe in letting people know when they've done well. It'll put a big smile on their face that will be there for a long time. :)

I wish you much success on your journey.

~ Sheila

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Stephanie’s Answer


Encouraging people to have the same dedication you have starts with trust. If people believe in you and trust you, then they are more likely to listen and follow your guidance/directions. You use the word inspire .... inspire means "fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative."

How do you inspire people? I often lead workshops in which I want to inspire people to listen to me, take the advice or resources I share and then use it to better their lives. First, be genuine in your wants and needs. Always acknowledge the value of the people you work with. Honor who they are as people, their strengths, their talents. Acknowledge "good works" but not as a way to put others down. Use "good works" as a model of behavior you'd like everyone to use. Listen Listen Listen ..... learn what motivates your band or any group.

Lastly, while you inspire, you also want to empower people - give them the tools, feedback, and independence to succeed! You might enjoy watching this short video .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsT3viNo_1Y

Good luck,


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Priya’s Answer

Inspiring others often times is drawn from what we are on the inside. Our core personality helps inspire others and makes it effective when we convey a message. More so, if this is a message that we truly believe in. Defining tangible outcomes and metrics can help in measuring progress. If these outcomes are defined collectively as a team then they resonate better with the team than being isolated decisions.

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Sylvia’s Answer

Hi Mia,

One idea is to ask your group to collectively set a goal and ideas on how to measure progress. You can also ask them to brainstorm ideas for motivating each other. I find that I want to work hard or go out of my way for people who have taken a genuine interest in me, who support and encourage me and take the time to recognize when I've done a good job. Not everyone may be motivated by the same things, though, so learning about your team can help. Most importantly--leading by example earns respect. Stay positive and calm under pressure. Your demeanor, words and actions are influential. They're watching and listening even when you don't think they are. Don't forget to have fun! Best wishes to you!

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Karen’s Answer

Best way is to be a role model for what you want others to do.  Use thanks and praise a lot.  Sending them personal notes about things they did well will long be remembered.

With every good wish!