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Who is the biggest computer programmer?

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Josh’s Answer


So many people are programmers these days that this is a hard question to answer!

If you're asking about fame and wealth, people who founded or run some of the world's largest companies (like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Tencent, Oracle) started out as programmers.

There are other programmers whose work has continued on today, like the people who created programming languages (C, Java, Python, Javascript, Lisp, and so many more), who created the operating systems (like UNIX) , or created various programming languages (like Java, and Python), or worked on the technologies that built the internet and connected the world.

Other programmers that are well known are people who created pioneering video games. There are even "historical programmers", like Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing, who you could say were programmers before computers even existed.

There are so many well known programmers, it's pretty impossible to say that one is the biggest. But learning to use the computer as a tool gives you many many ways to reach out and change the world for the better.