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What it will be like to possibly meet pro players as a sports agent?

I have always wanted to meet a pro players #sports #sports-agent

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3 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

It becomes just another client. There is a ton of back of house stuff in that regard, seems glamorous and it can be, but also very difficult to break in to. I think you have to have law degree or at least 99% of them do because you are writing contracts etc. so best bet is to do something with a sports team at some level then law school and get in to sports law.

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Evan’s Answer

Hey Joseph,
To reference, I spent a year interning at a sports agency in Chicago, representing high profile NBA/ NFL players, coaches and broadcasters. To be great in the industry, you need to build a tremendous amount rapport and trust with those who you work with. The reality is these players are putting their careers, livelihood and wallets in their agents hands to ensure that they are in a situation/team they are happy with and feel they are given the right contract that meets their liking from both a professional and financial perspective. With this said relationships are everything whether its the negotiations between the GM you are trying to contact on behalf of your client or the coach your client might be having trouble with; there are so many connections and networks you need to navigate and foster good relationships with to be highly successful. You really need to get to know your clients, their families and really understand both their short term and long term wants and needs. If you cannot reach this level of understanding and connection I've seen countless accounts of agents losing their clients because they can easily find someone else. At the same time, you really need to put your clients first even if it means getting them the contract that is best for them and not necessarily for your pocket. There is a great level of dedication, knowledge, and sacrifice it takes to be in the industry; but once you get there the relationships built along the way are special as they become a part of your family if you do it the right way! If this is the path for you, I would recommend enrolling in a sports management program that will teach the fundamentals of the industry, including marketing, finance and law.

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Dennis’s Answer

Yes, that will be the fun part of the career!, As an agent you will be interacting with those in the sport you select. You will probably think about some background in finance, legal, and business admin. Once you have some of that experience reach out to a firm that deals in your field your looking at to gain experience.