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What are the best skills to have when going into welding,that I might need to know?

the best skills is what u need christopher X.

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2 answers

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Yuichi’s Answer

Hi Tex,

Welding is a very interesting work to explore.
My father has been running an iron works for 40 years and I have been watching welding for many years, though I myself is not in the profession :)
Welding is the art of temperature. When welded, materials are heated to thousands of degrees, and cooled down to room temperature.
Materials distort and deform as heated and cooled. They inflate, shrink and distort.
Welding even changes the material itself. Welding can be a process of quenching or annealing.
Welding is not connecting two static material.
Welding is a very dynamic process.
I believe the most valuable skill for welding is a skill of enjoying this dynamic process.
Every time, you will see a different result, even if you did the same.
If you can enjoy this dynamism, you can learn a lot from your work and can be an expert.

Please enjoy welding!

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Ashlee’s Answer

Hi Tex, some skills would include basic math skills, the ability to understand and read blueprints (blueprint reading), the ability to work alone and in a team environment (mental endurance), the ability to work outside in all weather conditions (physical endurance), grinding, torching, fabricating, and attention to detail. Then you'll want to learn specific welding techniques/kinds of welding such as MIG, TIG, STICK, or ARC Welding. Also don't be afraid to move around for the right position and company. I hope this helps!