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I am interested in programmar

What is the maximum salary in this profession #engineering #programmer #experts

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2 answers

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Taylor’s Answer

Hey Sairam!

Software engineers make quite good money. You can find the pay range here:

It also varies on the position, company, and location. Good luck!

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David’s Answer

Hi Sairam. The range of pay for programmers varies widely depending on where you want to work and what sort of programming you do. That said, in the United States a software engineer should generally start in the $70k - $80k range. The maximum you can earn as a programmer also varies widely. Extremely talented "super geek" programmers can earn massive salaries ($400k +) at places like Google, Facebook, etc. For more "normal" programmers, the maximum salary depends on whether or not you decide to go into management or architecture as you get experience.

Managers have other programmers who report to them and will generally spend their time helping them develop their skills, managing projects, etc. This type of position is for people who want to "climb the ladder" and advance in power and authority in a company. The top position for this path is usually CTO, or Chief Technical Officer. A CTO can make anywhere from $200k to millions, depending on the size of the company.

Architects, on the other hand, tell other people how to build software. They work on big problems, like how systems interact. They don't necessarily write a lot of code, and they end up dealing with a lot of negotiation between organizations as they try to get them to work together for a common goal. Architects can also become CTOs and have a similar salary range.

Some programmers just want to write code. The advancement path for this type of programmer usually goes something like this: Associate Engineer -> Engineer -> Senior Engineer -> Principal Engineer. Principal Engineer is considered a "terminal" position. Once you get to this level you won't get any more promotions (in general) unless you become a manager or an architect. This is a very happy place to be for someone who really loves writing code and isn't interested in telling people what to do. A principal engineer can earn anywhere from $150k - $250k, depending on where they work, what skills they have, and where they live.

I hope this helps.