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What is the best way to learn the arts of Automotive

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2 answers

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Judith’s Answer

There are a couple of ways to do this. You could go to a vocational school or Junior College to become certified in this. You could also find a certified mechanic to mentor you through this over several years. With the complexity of auto engines in this era, it is important to your potential customers to provide reliable repairs. Good luck in this. This is a profession that will not be outsourced.

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Noe’s Answer

Hi Dilan,
To Learn the Arts of Automotive, you need to earn an Education.

If you are an Engineering Graduate aspiring to work as a Design Engineer or to pursue higher education in Product Design then this program would benefit you the most. The objective of the program is to work on varied projects that exposes a candidate to Design Research, Idealization & Concept generation and project implementation using DFM, CAD, RPT using 3D printing. The outcome is a portfolio of works with improved skill-sets in Design & Development.

Most students who have little or no exposure to automotive design can become an aspiring automotive designer should think creatively and communicate ideas through Perspective Sketching and Digital mediums. In this course, award winning designers will train candidates on Creative thinking, Automotive Sketching and Digital Design. The objective is to ensure candidates to create an awesome portfolio and help them to secure admission in world's leading design schools or universities. This program enables a candidate to become skillful in Automotive Design Process, Sketching and Automotive Digital Sculpting. Award winning designers have created a curriculum for high impact Automotive Design training program. Candidates who aim to do higher education in Transportation Design from Universities can enroll in this course to create a stunning design portfolio.

This program enables a candidate to become skillful in Automotive Digital Design. Crafted by experienced designers this course provides advanced training in Automotive Digital Sculpting. A candidate with a Bachelor's degree and passion to work as an Automotive Digital Designer can apply for this course. If you dream to work for a global automotive design studio as an Automotive Digital Designer then we have tailored the perfect training program for you. The individuals who work on surface modeling software to create Computer Aided Styling (CAS) or Class-A modeling are called as Digital Sculptors or Digital Designers. Digital Designers create accurate surface models of vehicles for Visual Simulation, Reverse Engineering, and Computer-Aided Manufacturing. There is a huge need for professional Digital Designers for Automotive and Industrial design companies across the world.

Hope this information helps.

All the best,
Noe Vicente