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What classes do I need to take to become a successful nursing midwife in the shortest possible time?

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4 answers

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Dr. Frank’s Answer

Midwife schooling usually begins with an RN (registered nurse) credential. This can be accomplished by earning a diploma, associate's, or bachelor's degree in nursing and then passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).

You If you want to become a midwife without qualifications, you can apply for a midwifery degree without A-levels by completing an Access to Higher Education Diploma online with learndirect.

A good programs can found in many good school throughout the US. Here is few good programs:

The Importance of Online Nurse Midwifery Programs.
Ranking the Best Online Nurse Midwifery Programs.
James Madison University.
University of Colorado College of Nursing.
Texas Tech University.
University of Washington.
Georgetown University.
George Washington University.
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Kim’s Answer

I would be a Nurse before midwifery and work in labor and delivery
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Wendy’s Answer

I'd work on the prerequisites for your BSN... thar will be a requitement to pursue the advanced degree in midwifery. Alternatively, you could pursue a course in traditional midwifery without going the nursing route...just be aware that not all states allow this path into midwifery.

Wendy recommends the following next steps:

Research prerequisites for BSN programs and MSN programs that offer midwifery tracks
Research traditional midwifery schools
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Kim’s Answer

You need to research colleges that offer that track or work in labor and delivery to become more knowledgeable in this area...